My first TrainerRoad Workout

My Training effect in a state of Cold!
My first Workout with TR was  scheduled for a threshold workout. 
But a bad cold caused me to reduce the intensity to 1h Endurance activity on my Wahoo Kickr.
The new owner of my old trainer Monark LT2 Robin traveled all the way from the city of Gävle to pick it up today. He is training for Åre Extreme Challange, which is a multisport event. Cool!

My initial feeling with Wahoo Kickr is that it feels a bit artificial in comparison to my old trainer.
But ERG mode is really good because it puts in exactly the power you want and you can work on different cadens.You can thus control the effect with very high precision.

Have the oppurtunity to driving it parallel to my Quarq power meter and they showed amazing equal values around the threshold. Favero Assioma showed about 2% less effect compared to Wahoo Kickr.

The next question is how to turn TrainerRoads indoor activities into outdoor activities.
According to themselves, endurance activities are applicable to this.

On the other side they recommened to do high intensity acitivity indoor.
My goal is to manage the workouts both in and outdoors with the same TSS that control the exercise to a large extent.